Intuitive Touch - Massage Therapy & Bodywork, Ltd.
Whether you are looking for licensed massage therapy or energetic bodywork, look no further than Intuitive Touch.   At Intuitive Touch you can find a range of alternative and complimentary healing therapies. If you are new to bodywork, Intuitive Touch is pleased to be a part of your journey!
There are many therapists to choose from and no two therapists work the same way. So what sets Intuitive Touch apart? Why choose to place yourself in my hands? I believe that every client I come in contact with has been guided to me. I strive to tailor each treatment to the specific needs of each client by using all of my training, integrating multiple therapies and most importantly allowing intuition to be my guide.  The spiritual approach to bodywork defines Intuitive Touch. Anyone can learn to give a massage, but only a few will have "the touch."